The H2O Concept:: “Human Capital=Organization” Bond Concept

The H2O Concept:: “Human Capital=Organization” Bond Concept

To be acclaimed as the most eminent compound on Earth – A Water Molecule; both Hydrogen and Oxygen leave their individual distinctive elemental properties of color, mass and form.

Had they been adamant individual elements, would they make a compound so Vital?

That’s how relations are….Whether @ work or whether @ Life!!! Individual properties be let gone to make a successful, powerful, everlasting and a worthwhile relation for ….

Does that mean “Human Capital=Organization” Bond proves to be a worthwhile existence only if they merge their individual goals to a common One for a better win?

My question today:

Is H2O : “Hydrogen = Oxygen” Compound
Concept Synonymous To
H2O : “Human Capital = Organization” Entity

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