Learn the Art of becoming Visible in an Identical Crowd of Millions: Talent Branding

Learn the Art of becoming Visible in an Identical Crowd of Millions: Talent Branding

As an applicant of a dream job in a well-reputed company, every aspirant i.e – YOU should know that a recruiter gets thousands of similar resumes in a single search on job portal apart from hundreds of other direct / referral applications.

How to stand this virtual competition and get flash-spotted in the recruiter’s eye to reach the second stage of a telephonic / personal screening becomes a challenging task for the applicant.

Welcome to the world of Talent Branding

The art of making yourself Visible in the crowd of millions of the same kind – discipline/qualification/skill set

Talent Branding is the process of reaching maximum people of the same corporate community by creating an effective social media presence.

1.Identifying the ultimate selling point in YOU.
2.Framing and Packing your USP to make it saleable.
3.Striking the right market online to brand your Talent.
4.Get picked by the Talent Hunters for the Right-Fit Job role.

STEP 1: Identifying the USP of your Talent:

Not all of you have the same make and not all perform the same function to its best.

It becomes so essential to identify:

1.the best of your skillset,
2.the best of your demonstrated experience
3.the best of your achieved milestones

to distinguish YOU from the rest of the crowd.
STEP 2: Framing and Packing your USP to make it Saleable over Competition:

Having identified the USP of your talent, the next important step is to ice your cake (your candidature) with the cream of your identified USP.

In order to catch the eye of your dream job employer / talent hunter, it becomes extremely important to frame a highlighted content that relates to the requirement of the talent the employer desires.
STEP 3: Branding your talent in the relevant market:

Having wrapped the best of your talent in the best of saleable frames, it needs to be sold in the most appropriate market to get the best price quote.

Online social media recruitment is trending up with a mark of 73% Indian recruitment through social media in 2016.

And hence, using social media to brand your talent in a circle of connections where it can attract the right-fit talent hunters becomes essential again.

Talent Branding helps you with all of the above 3 steps to have a maximum online reach and an effective social media presence to attract and get picked by the right-fit employer and right-fit opportunity.

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