Are you A Leader or A Commander? Part 1

Are you A Leader or A Commander? Part 1

It’s time to define a Manager. Whatever role you are in, if you are handling a small or a vast team – you either lead or command.

There is this kind of manager who aims a goal, develops a strategy, frames an execution plan and ORDERS the team to follow. He is a Commander.

And there is the other kind who makes the team – see the way through the plan, to the set objectives and draw the winner’s side. He is the Leader.

YOU become a leader when you have followers: “SELF–influenced” and “YOU – inspired” followers of “You”. And people follow you when they hope of their Passive Goals being achieved as a part of Your Common Active Goals.

A Leader is a magnifying lens through which the followers see their goals clear and dreams coming true.

Let’s speak of Gandhi for instance. He was the lens through which the people nationwide saw their dreams coming true for which they followed him. They followed the PURPOSE – Figure and not the PERSONALITY – Figure, leading to their goals, that’s how Gandhi became the undeclared “Leader”.

If being a leader was just to have a million followers on twitter or lakh fans on Facebook or being the king social marketer of oneself, Gandhi would not have been one.

It is his followers who broadcast the actions of a True Leader, not the Leader himself.

Today as a Team Manager, Do your team members follow you as they feel the essence of their passive goals being achieved or they are commanded by you?

Are you a Leader or a Commander?

The other way of interrogating yourself, is to know – How many team members grow with your project/organization success plans? If the answer is – Yes, you are going right.

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